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August 2017: Market Viewpoints
The US Debt ceiling crisis and its implications.
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July 2017: Market Viewpoints
Global Key Activities and Economic Outlook
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June 2017: Market Viewpoints
Of bailing out troubled banks in Italy, and the rise of socialism in the US and UK.
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May 2017: Market Viewpoints
Political volatility continues in the US while Europe is still in the midst of election fever. How will these topics impact financial markets?
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Could Donald Trump Be China’s 2017 MVP?
Love or hate Donald Trump, everyone is almost certainly paying him an inordinate amount of attention. Could he inadvertently be China’s 2017 Man of the Match?
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April 2017: Market Viewpoints
The only constant is change: that’s certainly the case with regard to the global political climate, with recent elections in the US and France, and the biggest surprise coming from
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