2019: The year that was,
and what’s up ahead

By The CONNECT Team | The CONNECT Blog

Dec 18

2019 has been another roller-coaster ride for investors both in Asia and in Europe. Trade wars, Brexit, Hong Kong riots and generally volatile markets are some of the crosswinds that market participants have been navigating.

As we reflect on the year, and look ahead to 2020, these are some of the important things that we shared:

1. Eyes on the fees

Market Viewpoints September 2019 - Manish Singh

A lot of time is spent discussing investment manager performance. But there is one aspect of investing that can make more difference on portfolio returns than any other — fees. During the start of the year, we shared a blog post on The true cost of hidden fees and how to avoid them where we caution our readers to look at the fees and not just returns. While the charges and fees you pay might sound small, they can result in drastic differences in your returns – perhaps even the difference between financial difficulty and a comfortable retirement.

At CONNECT, we are committed to transparency and efficiency. That means we will never charge any hidden fees. Our efficient portfolios mean the advisory fee ranges between +0.20% and +1.25% per annum, depending upon the portfolio. This is the only fee you will ever be charged by CONNECT. Here is another blog post in July where we shared the benefits of fee compression and the importance of demanding fee transparency.

2. The power of millenials

As we mentioned in our August 2018 blog post, millennials will make up half of the workforce and control a large amount of wealth by 2020. They are digital-savvy and will demand a greater level of control over their finances, which means there is a growing need for the most flexible, efficient and price-friendly options to guide their investment strategies.

The power of the millennials will make the wealth management industry rethink their service offerings. Their technological fluency makes robo-advisory platforms the perfect option. In the blog post Why the millennial financial revolution is about more than just money, we shared that millennials as a generation also care more about experiences and social and environmental change than possessions.

3. Women and investments

Investing For Her - Crossbridge Capital

It all started with the post Zoe, our Group Chief Operating Officer wrote during International Women’s Day in March which made us re-examine the investment options for the modern woman.  We received many enthusiastic responses to that post which was the reason why we hosted Investing for Her: A conversation, a series of events specifically targeted to women. We used the time at the events to have an informal discussion with women on topics including gender pay gap,  female entrepreneurship and differences in investing styles. We met many people, both men and women who enjoyed sharing their thoughts across the three events that we hosted. You can check out the photos here.

The year ahead

We’re expecting a very interesting 2020. Investors will have some difficult decisions to make depending on the opportunities and threats in the market. But always remember that volatility brings opportunity, and investors can weather the storm by keeping an eye on their goals and managing their wealth for the long-term through a diversified, risk-adjusted, balanced portfolio. We are planning many exciting changes and developments for CONNECT in 2020, so watch this space!

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